Over and Over
Repeat and Connect

OVOV is game with pieces of puzzle with 3 primary colors that
allows you to create a variety of shapes and color.
By connecting triangular puzzles, you can form
simple objects such as cube or ball,
and even complicated artistic shapes.
By overlaying two pieces you can create new color.
New idea with shapes and color is unlimited!!

Use your sensitivity to create your own OVOV!


OVOV was born in collaboration with FEEL GOOD CREATION Inc. specializing in CMF® design and Muroshima Seiko Co., Ltd. with a long history in plastic processing.


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    Produce / Design
    What we try to achieve is to create the highest level of satisfaction by using CMF.

    Japan has materials with high technology and machine processing technology as well as traditional beautiful material and technology.

    CMF as we think of is to create or increase the product value by using sensitivity and information with good balance and by connecting the beauty and technology. That will be, we believe, the creation of highest level of satisfaction for customers and for us.

    We create everything about surface from raw material to finished products with four principles of conduct, which are service, sense, information, and idea.
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    Manufacture / Sales
    Muroshima Seiko Co., ltd.
    Manufacturing starting from "thinking power"

    We want to make competitive products more smoothly developed on the stage of manufacturing,
    We are pursuing sophisticated Q, C, D, S from the standpoint of supporting industry.
    In order to be truly useful, first of all I think that the importance of "thinking power" is fundamental.

    Molds are regarded as tools to maximize the performance of plastic molded parts to the last,
    From that point of view, we accumulate various innovative technologies.
    We believe that "to keep on thinking" is thoroughly the shortest route to the embodi- ment.